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How I got rid of acne

How I got rid of acne

“There's no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections.” Today I decided it's about the time to start a series of posts about my favorite cosmetic products. I am really excited and I truly hope you will like it and find it useful! :) The quote above is the teaser for our first subject from the series: acne.

So let me tell you my little story. Until 3-4 years ago, I had an almost perfect complexion, a combination skin, that I kept under control and caused me no problems. One day, acne came uninvited  in my life to give me headaches. A real pain in the neck, even thought it was a moderate form. What I hated most was the fact that I had to use high coverage foundation almost every day to hide it, when I actually love to go for bare skin.

But, the good news is that for the last 2 month the acne is gone.  I hope that forever. I will tell you what I've tried, what worked for me and what didn't, hoping that it will help you, too. Here comes a long post, be patient :)

I saw a few dermatologist that recommended me:

  • Retinol A, in combination with a high moisturizing cream that I don't remember. Retinol A did a lot of damage to my skin, without no positive effect. My skin became older, drier, more transparent and sensitive every day. Unfortunately, I only realized that after a while.
  • Isotrexin - "something easier to assimilate" as my dermatologist said. Big mistake. As bad as Retinol A. It took me almost 2 year to heal my skin, after I stoped using this treatment.
  • Mask Plus Gel combined with antibiotics (Doxycycline Atb), that where photosensitive and even though I used high protection sun screen and avoided sun as much as possible, I made a really ugly allergy.
  • Contraceptives, but I refused to take them, because I think that are dangerous for my body.

Than I started looking product by myself. After a lot of research on internet, I decided that:

  • Mario Badescu is the best solution. And I have to say that it was for that moment. I truly recommend Mario Badescu's products, they are great! These are the products that I used.
  • Then I used Bioderma treatments for acne (click on each image for details). Also very good products.


Both product lines were really good and helped me to keep the acne under control, but without healing it.

This summer I went to a dermatologist that told me about the Biotrade products, so I gave them a try. Ta-da, the magic happened  and in less than 2 weeks acne was history :).

Of course, the credits for my flawless skin doesn't belongs only to the Biotrade products, but to all the products included in my daily routine skin care, with a little help of a healthy diet and daily exercise.

Because this post is already huge, I will see you tomorrow on my blog, with a list of products that I use daily and weekly. Also, I will show you exactly which Bio Trade products I use.

Thank you for you patience, hope you find all this useful! Hugs and kisses!

Skin care routine for acne prone skin

Skin care routine for acne prone skin

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