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My 5 rules for a happy life

My 5 rules for a happy life

Hello again, beautiful people!  

I know I took a long break from blogging in 2016, but mostly it was because I was busy moving to another country and then it took me a life to activate my internet subscription. But... the miracle happened and now I'm back in business and I have a lot of exciting things to share with you!

Being without internet was hard (I had no idea I was so addicted :P ), but also extremely beneficial. I had time to wander aimless through town and also to do a lot of thinking. I thought a lot about how lucky I am and how happy I felt in the last decade. My friends always asked me how do I do it? What is my secret for being so good-humored, smiling every day, happy by definition, even though life wasn't all milk and honey for me. On the contrary, I had a lots of ups and downs, but even in those moment I kept my spirits up. So, how do I do it? How do I stay positive? Well, I have a secret... actually two :)

First of all, I always try to be grateful for what I have because there is a lot of people who has much less. When something bad happens, I repeat to myself that I shouldn't complain too much, because it could have been worse.

Secondly, I have five rules for a happy life, that I try as much as possible to respect. And today I will share with you these rules, hoping that it will also HELP YOU to be HAPPIER.

Rule number 1: The most precious things we have are time and health

Use your time wisely, don't waste it on things that don't matter, don't throw it away doing mean things, hating, avenging or having your life ruled by negative feeling. Time is meant to be enjoyed and spent in the best way possible. When it comes about health, well..there is not much to say. If you are healthy, you are already the luckiest man on earth. So take care of you, eat clean, move your ass from your couch and go for a walk everyday, and don't forget to visit the doctor from time to time for routine tests.

Rule number 2: LOVE

Love yourself for being so smart, so beautiful, so talented. Love everybody else and accept them for what they are. Don't forget that being different is good, life would be really boring if we had been made all in the same why, so stop judging. Spend time with the persons you love and make place in your heart for others. Love and cherish the nature and the earth. This is your main house, so you better take care of it!

Rule number 3: Be grateful

To your family for the unconditional love, to your friends for the all the fun, to Mother Nature for this beautiful world we live in. Be grateful for the food, the water and all the goods we usually take for granted (yes, the smartphone included, your shoes and your clothes :) ). Be grateful for all the beautiful memories, for the lessons you learned, for the exciting future.

Rule number 4: Live your own life

Stop comparing to others, stop trying to be like them. It is ok to have role models, but don't try to live their life. You are different, you are unique. If you are not happy with your person, if you need to improve, you have to start by accepting and loving yourself for what you are. This is the first step, the transformation comes afterwards.

Rule number 5: Action

That's enough planning, that's enough dreaming for now, just go for it! Step by step shape the life you want. Write down you personal life goals, not only the work tasks, and start to tick them. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, it's absolutely normal, everybody does it. Fear of failure is the only real obstacle between you and the perfect life you are dreaming of.


Now it's your turn to tell me the rules that guides you through life! I'm going through an "eager to learn" phase of my life, so I will honestly appreciate any advice :)

Hugs and kisses!

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