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Everything you need to know about Copenhagen

Everything you need to know about Copenhagen


If you are thinking about moving to Copenhagen, like more than 1000 people do every month, or you are just planning to visit, here are the answers to some of your questions:

The weather

I always believed that Copenhagen has a very rough climate, with a lot of snow and many degrees under 0. For my surprise, during the winter months the average low temperatures are around -2 C. There is not too much snow, or at least doesn't last long.  The only problem is the damn freezing wind which seems to never stop. If it's windy and it rains, lucky you, you just got a horizontal pouring rain.

During summer, the temperature is between 12-25 C degrees. Now, in May, the weather is AMAZING! There are around 22 C, no wind, the sun is up at 5:00 AM and sets up around 9:00 PM. It's just the perfect weather, when you can wear spring/summer clothes without that feeling of being too hot or sweating. I already went to the beach to get some tan :P. You can't swim yet because the water is really, really cold. Except if you are a real viking :))

Is it that expensive as it is said?

Depends of the country you come from. I came from the capital of Romania and, at the beginning, the prices in Copenhagen seemed huge to me. Being used to pay less than 10 euros for one course meal (drink included) at an above average restaurant in Bucharest, I had a little shock when I had to pay around 20 euros for a burger at a mid-priced restaurant here. But, the prices come with some benefits: the food is tastier here, the products they use are of a better quality and most of the time are organic, also the service is great. In supermarkets the food costs nearly the same as in any other capital in Europe, but if you want to eat out be prepared to spend some money.

Also, accommodation is quite expensive. Cheap prices for hotels outside city center start from around 80 euros/night. If you are  willing to pay a little more to experience 200 hundred years of history, I can recommendAdmiral Hotel close to the City Center, a 18th century warehouse converted in a hotel. They have great services, an amazing view to Christiania and a delicious breakfast. We really enjoyed staying there <3. When it comes to rent, the high price is not the main problem, but the shortage of rental accommodation.

Are the Danish cold and distant, as you read in some articles online?

No, they aren't. They are well-educated, very welcoming and kind. They smile to you, they help you if you ask for help, they respect your privacy. What I love most is that strangers do not make eye contact when meeting on the street, no matter how you are dressed, what color your hair has or if you are wearing your pyjama. Everybody minds his businesses. And everybody speaks English so well that it will make you regret that you didn't pay more attention during English classes.

How do people dress?

You know those pictures of bloggers wearing neutral colors, smart casual clothes with a strong minimalist influence? Those photos with people in a very good shape, with perfect hair style, glowing from inside skin, discrete makeup for girls? Yes? Ok, so those are the Danes.

If you want to fit in, bring with you your black, white, beige, and navy blue clothes with clean lines, comfy but stylish. Comfortable shoes are like a religion here.

What/where to eat?

Everything, everywhere :)) The food seems to be very good in Copenhagen. If you want to try a bit of everything, they have great buffets, with reasonable prices just in the city center.

What to visit?

This should be your last concern. This city is a tourist attraction by itself. There are beautiful places everywhere, you can wander to the streets and feel the vibes of the city, take a picnic in the many parks you can choose from, go to the ZOO or the Botanical Garden. Tivoli, the second-oldest operating amusement park in the world, is also a good idea, or you can shop on one of Europe longest pedestrian street, Strøget.

My favorite activities include the sea: a long walk along the canals or a boat tour to see the main attractions.

Is it worth visiting?

You don't have to ask yourself that. The answer is obvious: hell yeess!! More than any other city I visited until now. I always loved London for his look and Berlin for his vibe, but Copenhagen is even better: a combination between the two of them. On top of this you add the fact that it's on the sea.

My dears, stay tuned because there will be a lot of travel posts on my blog from now on :) If you want to know more about Denmark, just ask and I will answer.

Lots of love!

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