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Why to subscribe to my blog. From Popcorn with love

Why to subscribe to my blog. From Popcorn with love


Hello you, beautiful and smart reader! How are you? Leave me a comment and tell me how was your day so far.

Recently I told you that I didn't post anything in a while because of the lack of internet, but I also had another reason. Recently, I felt quite overwhelmed by the beauty and fashion trends promoted in social media. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about and you experienced this, too. Everybody is teaching you how to have fuller lips like Kylie Jenner, a booty like Iggy Azalea, a contoured face like Kim Kardashian, eyebrows like Cara Delavigne, a toned body like Karlie Kloss and hair like Gigi Hadid.

I become quite frustrated because at a short check in the mirror, I could easily see that I am off trends. It's a vicious circle. You start by comparing yourself with others, even worst, you take celebrities as your benchmark. Then you begin buying miracle products that they use, you watch dozens of hours of tutorials that learn you how makeup can transform you into someone else and in the rest of the time you try to show the world how well everything came out. You finish by forgetting who you are, how do you look without makeup, and most important, what truly makes you happy.  Are we going to life our lives trying to be like somebody else? This is not normal, this is not healthy. All this made me think a lot about what I want to share with you, here, on  I want to make your visit a beautiful, positive experience. I want you to leave this page with a smile on you face, a new thing learned, with memories of beautiful photos or plans for a new holiday. I want to bring added value to your day, real life experiences, beauty and positive feeling. I decided to make my intentions clear, so this is my manifesto :)

I want you to come on my blog for a slice of happiness

That's why I will focus on being positive. My life is not milk and honey, but I can't complain at all. I am more than grateful for what I have, I feel very lucky and I choose to share with you only the good stuff, because this is what I personally do every day: I only choose to see the glass as half full. I truly believe that happiness is a matter of choice, in most of the cases.

I will keep it real

There will be Photoshopped photos on my blog, recommendations for amazing cosmetic products and surrealistic shopping goals (a girl can dream :) ), but I will not lie to you. I will try to put everything in a better light, for is in my nature to do that, but I won't fake it.

I will try to teach you things I already learned

Maybe is because I close to my 30 and I'm getting wiser (hopefully :)), but my perception about life, about time, about others and about me changed entirely, and I'm still learning. I was lucky to meet many beautiful people in the past few years,  I've been through a lot of experiences and I've learned my lessons. I believe in a simpler way of living and I will  promote my believes.

  My dear, if this is enough for you, if this is what are you searching for, you are in the right place. You are invited to follow me on Facebook (click here) and Instagram (click here), and also subscribe to my Wordpress page, on the upper right side of the page.

  And if you really like me, please feel free to share this blog with your friends!

  Lots of love!

One day trips from Copenhagen: Frederiksborg Castle

One day trips from Copenhagen: Frederiksborg Castle

Is the white shirt the new "little black dress"?

Is the white shirt the new "little black dress"?