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Survival guide for the sale season - The "DO" list

 Why have they started sales already? It's not too early? Omg, I wasn't ready to deal with all the temptations for.... at least until August! Why do you mess with my summer?!! Let's see, maybe I could break my piggy-bank, or I will ask my mother for some money, or rob a bank, I saw a movie about that, it can not be too hard. Slap, breathe, repeat.

If you had this reaction, like I used to have, then you probably think you are a lost cause, like a thought until last year :P. But don't you worry, my dear girlfriend, there is an easy way to go through the sale season without splurging and I did a short guide for you. You can thank me later ;)

1. The list

Please, do yourself a favor and make a list with the things you need before shopping. It's really easy to lose your focus and end up buying tons of cheap clothes you don't really need. That's why it's a good idea to write the items missing from your wardrobe (and you can't live without, of course)

     2. The cash

Establish a budget and take with you the exact amount of money you can afford to spend. This way, you will still have money for the long waited (and well deserved) holiday. Amen!

3. The friend

Go shopping with a friend. Shopping alone is boring, but it can also be bad for your wardrobe. Just think about all the clothes that looked so good on you in the dressing room, but you hated when you got home. Take a friend with you for an honest opinion, a styling advice, a bit of inspiration or... just for fun. What are friends for, if not for sharing the best* and worst* together.

4. The relation

Think about establishing a long-term relation with your clothes. Concentrate on basic items, good quality fabrics and neutral colors. These are your wardrobe essentials, this is the foundation for creating a unique personal style.

5. The purpose

Try to think overall. For example, let's say that you need a new blouse, because you only have a few. This is to vague, you need to be more specific. Think about the purpose of this blouse. Is it for work or for the weekends? Should it be elegant or casual? Then, think about the outfits you want to create with this blouse. Could you wear it with your favorite skirt? Or maybe with your old jeans?

*Best, as in = you fit in that sexy dress in smaller size.

*Worst, as in = you've put on a few kilos, and you don't even know why. I mean... it can not be the ice cream.

Wait, did somebody said Ice cream?!! I...have something urgent to do :P, see you later!

Experiencing the danish modern cuisine at the Koefoed restaurant

Experiencing the danish modern cuisine at the Koefoed restaurant

Summer outfit ... nordic summer outfit :)

Summer outfit ... nordic summer outfit :)