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Survival guide for the sale season - The "DON'T" list

Survival guide for the sale season - The "DON'T" list

 Hi, beautiful people! As you have may seen, I already wrote a post about doing wise shopping in the sale season, but I felt that I couldn't close this topic without the "DON'T" list. All shopping addicted women from out there, please take notes :)

1. Don't lose your head when you see 70% off

There must be a reason for that low price... Most of the time, the biggest discounts are applied on seasonal, on trend items, that nobody will be wearing next year. Or on ugly clothes that nobody wanted to buy, until now.

2. Don't buy things that don't fit you

Don't get me wrong, I am sure you can lose those kilos ( you go girl!), but your taste in clothes can change meanwhile, so it's better to buy things that you can wear right now.

3. Don't be easy

Don't let yourself convinced by the lovely (sales) lady telling you that you look great in that dress, when you feel like a stuffed pepper. Trust your instinct. Remember that the moment you buy new clothes is the moment you like them the most. Afterwards, your excitement about them starts to decrease.

4. Don't buy only the hits of the season/ Don't be a walking "Marsala"

I remember that last year it was this craziness about Marsala. Everybody talked about it, every shop had like 30% percent of their collections in this color. But what shocked me the most, were the walking "marsalas', as I called them: girls with shoes, trousers, shirts, hats and bags in the same "marsalian" color. The same shade. It was hurtful for my eyes. What about this year? Well, none of them wears Marsala anymore, because it's not a trend (they wear stripes from head to toe, instead :P )

5. Don't ignore the rules from my Pocket survival guide for the Sale Season. I'm serious. Otherwise...

Happy shopping!

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