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Make this summer the best one ever

Make this summer the best one ever

 I love summer! Not for the weather, as you may think, but for the relaxed, holiday vibe flowing in the air. Every year at the beginning of the summer I plan to do soo many things, to have so much fun...but somehow, I get lazy, unfocused, uninspired or I just live my days planning or waiting for the holiday. And then, in September, I regret not making the best of the long sunny days, warm evenings and beautiful nature.

 But not this time! This year I feel really inspired by the Danish people and I enjoy everyday of summer like it's the last day. You should do the same, so I made you  a list with 5 beautiful things you can do to have the best summer!


 Oh, Instagram, how did I lived without you for so many years :))!? Seriously now, stop eating boring things in the morning. Boost your energy level and prepare something fresh, special and beautiful, just like you :). Natural yogurt with fresh strawberry and a sprinkle of coconut flakes, oatmeal with blueberries and almond milk or what about a large plate with watermelon and peaches.

 AT LEAST put some whipped cream in your coffee and some chocolate chips on top, for goodness sake! Then instagram it, for the world to know that today is a good karma day :)



 After a long and hard-working week, weekend should be about relaxing and spending quality time with the people you love. And why not start by making a habit of having a weekend brunch with your family or the closest friends? You can catch up, enjoy delicious food and feel like a celebrity (or like your favourite blogger)



 As much as you love your city, sometimes those lights, that rumour, the cars, everything feels so overwhelming! And when the heat wave heats, you know that it's time for you to take off! Take a long weekend and go to the beach, up in the mountains, camping or join your grandparents in the countryside like you used to do when you were a child. On Monday, you will feel like a new person!



 Think about you, dancing like nobody's watching, the music, the heat, the iced cocktails and the sunrise. Let's skip the hangover for now, that's life, you can't do nothing about it, it will pass. Go directly to Monday: at the office everybody did "nothing special" on weekend. Everybody but you...



 This festivals trend is awesome! All the time there is something cool happening in the town, or at least in the country :). A food festival, a music festival, oysters, beer, theatre, everything has it's own festival. Well, that's great, now we have a real reason to buy some new outfits! And to have fun and make lots of new cool memories!

 How about you? How do you plan to do this summer memorable?

 Lots of love,


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