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Makeup: summer essentials

Makeup: summer essentials

  This summer was so different from the summers what I used to have, that I didn't even realized it's July already. Times really flies, doesn't it? :( We have a quite enjoyable weather here in Copenhagen. Some sunny days, some rainy ones, a bit a wind, anyway, the usual stuff.

 Last weekend I went for a short trip to Milan and it was soo hot, so much humidity in the air that I felt like melting. But no matter the weather, girls are girls: they want to be pretty and all styled up. Today it's about summer essential makeup products that saved me (mostly from an ugly instagram shoot :) )


  I will be honest with you, I don't use primer very often, because I don't like using too many products on my face, but the holy primer proved to be a real help in many situation. Because of the heat our skin produce more sebum, so it will have that shiny greasy look that we hate. You may be tempted to reach for a mattifying powder, wich is not bad. For 1-2 hours, the powder will work, then you will need to apply it again and by the end of the day your face will look cakey.

  If you use a primer before foundation, the makeup will last longer  (it means you can dance until the sunrise and still look gorgeous) and the shiny look will be less visible, maybe you will not experience it at all.

My recommendation: Benefit The POREfessional face Primer



  The difference between wearing a waterweight foundation or a heavy, full coverage foundation it's huge. The waterweight foundation makes you skin look translucent, radiant, healthy, and is not only about the look, but also about the feeling. Your face feels clean, fresh and the skin can breathe.

  The only possible down for the waterweight foundation is that usually, it doesn't have a full coverage. But I think you shouldn't care too much about that: it's really sexy to see a women confident enough to let her natural features visible. Bonus, the natural look is a big trend now!

My recommendation: Make Up Forever HD Foundation



  I love the natural skin finish, the soft focus effect, the fact that it takes away shine but it doesn't add texture. The translucent powder is like an instant Photoshop to your complexion. You will look gorgeous and everybody will think that you don't wear make-up at all ;)

My recommendation: Make Up Forever HD Microfinish Powder


  Last night after a party we decided to walk home, because... Copenhagen :) We don't own a car anymore and we don't usually use public transportation. After a while it started raining heavily, with lightnings and thunders.  A proper summer storm that we enjoyed, it was quite romantic after having a drink or two. It was like in a cheesy movie. Until a got home and realised it was more a movie with zombies, because my mascara was all over my face :))

The lesson: wear waterproof mascara, even if it's more difficult to take it of at the end of the day.

My recommendation: Maybelline Volume Express The Colossal Waterproof Mascara


  Well, for the past few years, this was everybody's favourite product so there is nothing new to say about it. Only the old stuff: apply it on your cheekbones, nose bridge and cupid's bow and instantly you will look healthier, fresh and glowing with happiness!

My recommendation: The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer

 What about you? What are your "must have" products in the summer?

 Lots of love!

Girly summer outfit

Girly summer outfit

Make this summer the best one ever

Make this summer the best one ever