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Which is your favourite trend this fall?

Which is your favourite trend this fall?

My dear, if you are a real fashionista, you probably invest some money to buy some new clothes every new season. I do that, too, so I know the struggle  :P  I did a lot of bad investments, but I have learned my lessons. At least I hope so  :)

The most important lesson was that, in order to get rid of that " I have nothing to wear" feeling, you need to have a very well organised wardrobe. Make sure that 70% of your wardrobe consist of basic or timeless items. That doesn't mean that your clothes have to be boring, that doesn't mean you can't buy the newest trends. You just have to keep in mind when you are shopping, that you have to pick items that are easy to match with the clothes you already have, items that are appropriated to be worn for at least two seasons of the year.

For this fall, there are so many new trends, that I came to the conclusion that you can wear anything you want and still be trendy. But if you want to take the game to the next level, here are the 4 biggest trends that you should try this season.

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1. Embroidery

Embroidery made a beautiful comeback this spring and it seems that everybody loved it so much that it also became a huge trend for this fall. Big or small embroidered details, on exquisite fabrics or on jackets and jeans, there is something for every taste!

See here how I incorporated embroidery in my outfits <3

2.  Velvet

Velvet it might be hard to pull of, but you can incorporate it in you daily outfits if you keep in mind this rules:

  • Velvet is luxurious enough, so keep it simple with all the other items you are wearing
  • Don't buy something too tight. Unless you have a rockin' body :P Velvet is a soft shiny fabric that reveals any small detail of you body
  • Pair it with casual clothes, like jeans, to create a laid back look
  • Avoid light, neon colors that scream for attention. Instead go for black, silver, nude, dark red or dark green
  • Minimise accessories. As I said before, velvet is enough to make your outfit look elegant, sophisticated


3. Pleats

The pleated skirt is one of those timeless items you need to have in your wardrobe. Why? Because it's comfortable, it's chic and you can wear it with boots, sneakers, high-heels, flats and still look fashionable and feminine.


4. Metallics

When it comes about wearing metallic fabrics, stick to the less-is-more rule.

  • Mix a single metallic piece with neutrals: a metallic silver jacket with a white t-shirt and some jeans or gold metallic trousers with a black t-shirt.
  • Do wear metallic shoes
  • Go for statement pieces, like a fabulous metallic jacket.
  • Don't be afraid to wear bright colours, especially when it comes about accessories (think about a bright red clutch)

    So, what's your favourite trend?

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