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Get your cold season wardrobe without spending any money

Get your cold season wardrobe without spending any money


Some of us will go shopping this season for the trendiest piece of clothes, while some of us are on a budget or have decided to spend money on more valuable and useful things, like a new car, a new house or a dream Christmas holiday. For those of you who want to update their wardrobe to the cold season without splurging, here are some tips for you:

1. Start by cleaning out your wardrobe

This is my favourite part. No matter what new think I plan to do, like starting a diet, a gym routine or learning something new, I always start by cleaning the house. And then I lose all my energy and I need to rest for a few days. Anyone like me? :))

Kidding apart, it's really important to go through you clothes at the beginning of every new season:

  • Select the items that are too small or too big for you and donate them
  • Select the ones you bought on a impulse shopping session, but you never wear and make presents for your friends
  • Throw away the items that you wore so much that are in a really bad condition. Yes, yes, your favourite 10 year old sweater included :)
  • Asses if your clothes are appropriate for your lifestyle. If in the cold season you don't usually go out, pack your party outfits and put them aside until next spring. Or, let's say that you got a new job and you have to spend all day standing. Hide your high heels shoes, you don't need them anymore! Make place for flats and sneakers :)


2. Combine seasons

Now that you've gotten rid of some of the clothes, start thinking about how you could combine your summer clothes for a fall outfit. What is wearable on this cold weather and what has to be put aside?

  • Think about wearing your summer dresses over a turtleneck
  • Your mini-skirts with boots
  • Your summer tops with fluffy cardigans.
  • Long boho dresses under cosy sweaters


3. Host a swap party

Invite your friends and ask them to bring all the clothes they are not wearing anymore and they are willing to exchange for something else. Every woman owns some cloths they bought on an impulse shopping that they never wore ;) A swap lunch break at work can also be a very good idea.

4. Join the DIY club

Patches <3

I think this is the only 90's trend that had a comeback this year and I love it!  Buy some patches to personalize your clothes. Chose some funky patches for your blouses and t-shirts, funny ones for your jeans and some flowers for your shirts.

Tailor your clothes

  • Do you have some expensive jeans that don't fit you anymore, a dress that is too short or too long but you are not willing to give it away, a beautiful shirt from your grandma that's waay too big for you? Buy a sewing machine and do the necessary adjustments. You will find plenty of tutorials on YouTube!
  • Or, find a good tailor, one with a vision who can see the potential of your clothes and transform them into pieces of art for a modest amount of money!


5. Get inspired 

You already did all the steps mentioned above but you still find it difficult to pull of a fall outfit? Well, I got you covered! I am working right now to gather some photos to inspire you! Let's have a inspirational date, tomorrow at the same hour, on the <3


Hugs and kisses, my dearest friends!

How to combine summer clothes with cold season clothes for trendy fall outfits

How to combine summer clothes with cold season clothes for trendy fall outfits

Which is your favourite trend this fall?

Which is your favourite trend this fall?