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Make autumn your favourite season

Make autumn your favourite season

Decorate you home

Leaves, pumpkins, tree branches, chestnuts, pinecones, acorns and a lot of candles and you are ready to transform your house into the cosiest place on earth! Make a DIY corner in your house, search for some inspiration on Pinterest and spend delightful evenings with your loved ones creating artistic fall decorations. I promise, you will find this super relaxing!

Spend an afternoon under the autumn sun with a blanket and a good book

Wait for the first sunny day. Get two blankets, one to sit on it, the other one to snuggle under it. Prepare yourself a thermos with hot coffee or hot tea. Grab a book. Head to the closest park. Sit leaning against a tree. Forget about the real world and start living in your book. Food for your soul, you will love it!

Celebrate Halloween

I am not American, I from Romania and I live in Denmark. But I still celebrate Halloween. Why not? I love to have reasons for celebrating and the american holidays are soo much fun! Buy a funny Halloween costume or, for extra fun, do it yourself, join a party or host one, win the costumes competition and make memories to last a lifetime!

Hit the road

The most beautiful things about this season is the fall foliage so maximise your intake of colour by driving out of town. Aim for the mountains, forests and wildlife, get surrounded by vibrant colours from green and brown to vibrant golds, reds, oranges and yellows. Relax, take  a breath of fresh air and venture yourself in outdoor adventures, like hiking or riding.

Visit a farmer's market

In autumn the farmers market offer not only delicious and organic food, but also a beautiful scenery. It's the time for harvesting most of the vegetables planted in the spring so you will find a big diversity of veggies, apples in any colours, pumpkin pie, grapes and other wonderful fresh things ! Farmer's markets overflow with the best of the seasons, it's a place of abundance, a place where you can make healthy choices and most of all, were you get surrounded by positive energy.

Nature walks

Red and orange, green and cooper, all those gorgeous colours for you to enjoy! The vibrant scenery, the crisp air, the sound of the leaves under your feet, everything screams perfection! Take some time for yourself, go alone for a walk, think about the good things in your life and think about all the great ones that we usually take for granted, like the amazing nature that surrounds us.

Comfort warm foods

The cold weather is your perfect excuse to drink hot chocolate, pumpkin spiced lattes, hot cocktails, hot tea and biscuits and, of course, mulled wine. But to really get into the spirit of the autumn, you have to drink it while staying in bed, under the blanket, watching your favourite TV series.

Get creative about your outfits

Fall fashion is the best! Boots, woollen scarfs, warm jacket, cosy sweaters and most of all, layers. As many as possible <3.  Spend the rainy days searching for fall outfit inspiration on Pinterest, sorting out and combining your cloths. When the sun is out, go out and be an inspiration for others.

Get excited about Christmas

I must confess, I have started already counting the days until Christmas. If you are wondering, there are 55 days left :P . Take advantage of the long evenings and spend them searching for travel deals for you Christmas holiday, gifts ideas, new recipes to try or easy DIY decoration. I guarantee you that you will instantly become happier <3.

Happy autumn, dear people!

 DIY fall home decorations

DIY fall home decorations

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